Car transport to Belgium

Do you want to transport your vehicle safely from the Netherlands to Belgium? Within 5 to 8 working days? Nobel Transport makes it happen. Our professional drivers, well-equipped fleet and professional network ensure that your car is safely transported to Belgium. We will collect your car from your home and bring it quickly to its destination. You don't have to worry about it.

Nobel Transport works with fixed contacts during every route. Do you have a specific question? Your contact person is always informed. This way you know where you stand with one phone call.

For business and private relations
Nobel Transport transports cars from the Netherlands to Belgium on a daily basis. Many car dealers, manufacturers and leasing companies rely on our expertise. Just like individuals. Think of people who move to Belgium and want to take their oldtimer with them without driving hundreds of kilometers. You travel carefree to your new home, we take care of the transport of your car to your Belgian destination.

As sustainable as possible
Because we also want to pass on the earth as cleanly as possible, we strive for collection transport. And that works out fine, given the many requests for car transports to Belgium. This not only provides benefits for our environment, but also for your wallet.

Also from Belgium to the Netherlands
With Nobel Transport you can go in all directions! We take care of car transport from the Netherlands to Belgium, but we also get cars to the Netherlands with the same ease. For example, consider a classic car purchased in Belgium, whether or not it is in operation. With our transport equipment equipped with winches, we make every conceivable transport a reality. This of course also applies to other types of vehicles such as motorcycles and SUVs.

Immediately calculate the costs of your international transport to Belgium? This can be done simply by entering the relevant address.

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